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UC San Francisco Trauma Recovery Center Manual: A Model for Removing Barriers to Care and Transforming Services for Survivors of Violent Crime

This manual is a multidisciplinary guide for providing comprehensive mental health services to adult survivors of interpersonal violence. We hope that sharing our experience will provide useful information and tools, and prevent new TRCs from having to reinvent the wheel.  We recognize that programs will also tailor services to meet the needs of their region or client population(s), and hope that the information presented here will serve to promote the goal of increasing survivors’ access to trauma-informed, evidence-based, culturally responsive and effective services.

For question or help implementing elements of the UCSF TRC Model, we also offer Technical Assistance services.

A print edition of the manual is available for purchase here.

Read or download the manual as a whole, or by individual chapters, via the links below:


Individual chapters:

1. Trauma Recovery Center Mission and Vision

2. The UC San Francisco Trauma Recovery Center Model and Core Elements

3. Trauma Recovery Center Service Flow

4. Who Are Trauma Recovery Center Clients?

5. The Trauma Recovery Center Clinician

6. Trauma Recovery Center Assertive Outreach

7. Trauma Recovery Center Assessment and Treatment Planning

8. Trauma Recovery Center Clinical Case Management

9. Trauma Recovery Center Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

10. Trauma Recovery Center Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology: The Role of the Psychiatrist

11. Vicarious Trauma and Staff Support

12. Trauma Recovery Center Supervision and Training

13. Trauma Recovery Center Speakers Bureau

14. Measuring Clinical Outcomes and Conducting Program Evaluation

Questions about the TRC Model? Contact our TRC Technical Assistance Team.

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